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Issue 1 Spring

Editorial: Thoughts and Directions for Marketing Management Journal
Brian Rutherford, Kennesaw State University
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Value Contribution of Personal Selling and Direct-to-Consumer Advertising in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Rebecca Dingus, Central Michigan University
Raj Agnihotri, University of Texas-Arlington
Michael Y. Hu, Kent State University
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The Role of Prior Sales Experience of Buyers and Duration in Buyer-Seller Relationships
Scott C. Ambrose, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Nwamaka A. Anaza, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Brian N. Rutherford, Kennesaw State University
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Salesperson Networking Behaviors and Creativity: Exploring an Unconventional Relationship
Michael T. Krush, North Dakota State University
Raj Agnihotri, University of Texas-Arlington
Gerrard M. Macintosh, North Dakota State University
Ashish Kalra, The University of Texas at Arlington
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The Impact of Cognitive Age on Materialism, Status Consumption and Loyalty Proneness on the Indian Elderly
Rajesh Iyer, Bradley University
Jacqueline K. Eastman, Georgia Southern University
Ruppal W. Sharma, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
Kevin L. Eastman, Georgia Southern University
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An Empirical Study of Consumer Motivations to Use In-Store Mapping Application
Selcuk Ertekin, Brenau University
Susie Pryor, California State University San Bernadino
Lou E. Pelton, University of North Texas
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Issue 2 Fall

Editorial: Marketing Management Journal Introduction to The Special Section
Brian Rutherford, Kennesaw State University
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Skip It or View It: The Role of Video Storytelling in Social Media Marketing
Kesha K. Coker, Ball State University
Richard L. Flight, Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville
Dominic M. Baima, Tooth of Time Traders at Philmont Scout Ranch
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Empathy for Emotional Advertisements on Social Networking Sites: The Role of Social Identity
Monika Rawal, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
Jose Luis Saavedra Torres, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
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Social Media Engagement Mitigates Ad Decay Effects for Super Bowl Advertisements
Mya Pronschinske Groza, Northern Illinois University
Sandy Domagalski, Northern Illinois University
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The Advertisement Value of Transformational & Informational Appeal on Company Facebook Pages
Fabienne T. Cadet, St. John’s University
Priscilla G. Aaltonen, Old Dominion University
Vahwere Kavota, Hampton University
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Brand Marketing Via Facebook: An Investigation of the Marketing Mix, Consumer-Based Brand Equity, and Purchase Intention in the Fitness Industry
Benjamin K. Wright, American University
Antonio S. Williams, Indiana University
Kevin K. Byon, Indiana University
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