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Officers & Directors

MMA’s officers serve one-year terms, while the directors (Treasurer, Executive Director, Communications Director, and Social Media Director) each serve a three-year term. Those elected to the officer track advance as the Vice President of Marketing, President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past President in a four-year sequence.

The MMA officers and directors welcome feedback from the membership, and invite you to contact them with questions, concerns, or suggestions. If you are interested in serving the MMA as an officer, director, or board member, please contact any of the individuals listed below.

MMA President Takisha Toler

Takisha S. Toler
Stevenson University

MMA President-Elect Dalila Salazar
MMA Immediate Past President Hannah Walters

Hannah Walters
Immediate Past President
Northern State University

MMA Vice President of Marketing Don Roy

Don Roy
Vice President of Marketing
Spring 2025 Conference Co-Chair
Middle Tennessee State University

MMA Executive Director Brian Vander Schee

Brian Vander Schee
Executive Director
Indiana University

MMA Treasurer Gail Zank

Gail Zank
Texas State University

MMA Communications Director Kevin Noe

Kevin Noe
Communications Director
Marshall University

MMA Social Media Director Randa Zalman

Randa Zalman
Social Media Director
Bellevue University

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