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Board Members

Along with the MMA Officers and Directors, Board Members make contributions in service to the MMA. Each Board Member serves a three-year term.  New board members are appointed by each new President to replace those who have finished their terms.  Upon completion of their responsibilities, the Immediate Past President may elect to serve a two-year term as a board member.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the board, visit the “MMA Officers & Directors Page” to email one of the MMA Officers.

Current Board Members:

Debbie DeLong, Chatham University, Term Expires Spring 2026 

Pam Kennett-Hensel, University of New Orleans, Term Expires Spring 2024

Rebecca Hochradel, Transylvania University, Term Expires Spring 2025 

Marilyn Melchiorre, The College of Idaho, Term Expires Spring 2025

Michael Messina, Gannon University, Term Expires Spring 2024

Chad Milewicz, University of Southern Indiana, Term Expires Spring 2026

Jeananne Nicholls, Slippery Rock University, Term Expires Spring 2024

Hank Roehrich, Park University, Term Expires Spring 2025

Don Roy, Middle Tennessee State University, Term Expires Spring 2024

Nisha Ray-Chaudhuri, Webster University, Expires Spring 2026

Brian Rutherford, Kennesaw State, Term Expires Spring 2026

Jeanetta Sims, University of Central Oklahoma, Term Expires Spring 2025 

Tony Stovall, Indiana University-Indianapolis, Term Expires Spring 2024

Ursula Sullivan, Northern Illinois University, Term Expires Spring 2026

Barbara Wooldridge, University of Texas at Tyler, Term Expires Spring 2025

Journal Editors 

Kurt Schimmel, Slippery Rock University, Term Expires Spring 2026 

Shannon Cummins, University of Nebraska Omaha, Term Expires Spring 2026 

Board Members: About Me
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