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Marketing Management Journal 

Welcome to the Marketing Management Journal (MMJ). Founded in 1991, dedicated as a forum for the exchange of ideas and insights into the marketing management discipline.

MMJ’s mission is to provide a forum for the sharing of the academic, theoretical, and practical research that may impact the development of the marketing management discipline. Manuscripts that focus upon empirical research, theory, methodology, and review of a broad range of marketing topics are strongly encouraged. Submissions are encouraged from both academic and practitioner communities.

Marketing Management Journal: About Me

Sending a Manuscript:

Authors should submit manuscripts that they would like considered to the editor of MMJ via email;

Marketing Management Journal: About Me
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Kurt Schimmel

Marketing Management Journal: Testimonials

Each manuscript is first assessed by the editor to determine its potential for successful completion of the review process. A manuscript that goes beyond the initial review goes through a double-blind review conducted by members of MMJ’s review board. Feedback from reviewers and the editor team’s evaluation are used to make a decision on whether a manuscript will be accepted for publication in MMJ.

Marketing Management Journal: About Me
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