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A Brief History of MMA

Adapted from:  A Brief History of the Midwest Marketing Association, 1977-1983, by Donald F. Mulvihill


The Marketing Management Association (MMA) began as the marketing entity within the Midwest Business Administration Association (MBAA). MBAA was founded in 1964 by a group of business faculty who envisioned an interdisciplinary conference separate from the Midwest Economic Association. The first Executive Secretaries of MBAA were marketing professors and many MBAA presidents have been marketers. The marketing division of MBAA quickly grew, prompting its organizers to formally establish the Midwest Marketing Association with its own constitution, bylaws, slate of officers, and membership. In 1991, the first volume of the quarterly Marketing Management Journal was published; the biannual Journal for Advancement in Marketing Education soon followed. In 1995 the name of the Midwest Marketing Association was changed to Marketing Management Association to reflect the wide membership coast to coast and from several foreign countries. 

Addendum: As of 2022, MMA hosts its spring conference separately from MBAA. This decision provides our membership with greater value and opportunity to focus exclusively on marketing scholarship and practice. MMA continues to host its exceptional Fall Educators' Conference each year, widely recognized as the leading forum for marketing education advances and innovation.

Updated Constitution & ByLaws

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