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2023 Teaching Innovation Competition Winner Mary Martin

Teaching Innovation Award Competition

This annual competition is held concurrently with the MMA Fall Educators’ Conference to recognize outstanding innovators in marketing education. The competition is open to all marketing instructors—full- and part-time, including doctoral students—from all types of academic institutions. The innovation, in its current form, must not have been previously published or recognized as a teaching competition winner. Judges select three finalists based upon their written submissions. Each of the three finalists make a 15-minute presentation of their teaching innovation at the conference. The winning innovation is selected from the three presentations. The top innovation receives a $250 prize; the runner up innovations each receive a $100 prize. Prizes are awarded to finalist innovations, not to each person.


Please see the Call for Submissions for instructions and deadline information.

If you have any questions, please contact Eric Rhiney, Competition Coordinator, at

Prior Winners of the Teaching Innovation Award

  • 2023:  Mary Martin, Fort Hays State University

  • 2022:  Brian Vander Schee, Indiana University & Rebecca VanMeter, Ball State University

  • 2021:  Peg Murphy, Columbia College, Chicago

  • 2019:  Brooke Reavey, Dominican University

  • 2018:  Kai-Yu Wang, Brock University

  • 2017:  Elliott Manzon, University of Cincinnati

  • 2016:  Mark McConnell, University of Mount Union

  • 2015:  Scott Cowley, Arizona State University

  • 2014:  Katherine Jackson & Datha Damron-Martinez, Truman State University

  • 2013:  Vassilis Dalakas, California State University – San Marcos

  • 2012:  Ann Veeck, Western Michigan University

  • 2011:  Dawn Edmiston, St. Vincent College

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