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Scope and Mission

The mission of the Marketing Management Journal (MMJ) is to provide a forum for the sharing of the academic, theoretical, and practical research that may impact the development of the marketing management discipline.  Manuscripts that focus upon empirical research, theory, methodology, and review of a broad range of marketing topics are strongly encouraged.  Submissions are encouraged from both academic and practitioner communities.

Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts that do not conform to submission guidelines will not be distributed for review.  Authors should submit manuscripts via email to  Each submission should consist of two files:

  1. A file containing the cover page listing the manuscript title, each author’s name, institution affiliation, mailing address, telephone number, and email address.  If there are multiple authors, the editor will consider the author originating the manuscript submission the contact author unless otherwise noted.
  2. A file containing the manuscript title, an abstract of no more than 150 words, keywords, and manuscript.  Author identification or affiliation should not appear anywhere in this file.

Manuscripts should be submitted using 12-point Times Roman font and should not exceed 30 typewritten pages inclusive of body, tables and figures, and references.  Margins must be one-inch.  Preparation of the manuscript should follow style guidelines in the most recent Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition.  Tables and figures used in the manuscript should be included on a separate page and placed at the end of the manuscript.  Authors should insert a location note within the body of the manuscript to identify appropriate placement.  Tables and figures should be constructed in table mode of Microsoft Word.

The MMJ editorial board interprets the submission of a manuscript as a commitment to publish in MMJ.  Editorial policy prohibits publication of a manuscript that has already been published in whole or in substantial part by another journal.  Each manuscript is first assessed by the editor to determine its potential for successful completion of the review process.  A manuscript that goes beyond the initial review goes through a double-blind review conducted by members of MMJ’s review board.  Feedback from reviewers and the editor team’s evaluation are used to make a decision on whether a manuscript will be accepted for publication in MMJ.

In order for an accepted paper to be published in MMJ, authors must authorize copyright protection for MMJ prior to manuscript being published.  Manuscripts accepted become the copyright of MMJ.

The editorial board reserves the right for stylistic editing of manuscripts accepted for publication in MMJ.  Where major stylistic editing becomes necessary, a copy of the accepted manuscript will be provided to the author(s) for final review before publication.

MMJ Editorial Review Board:   View Editorial Review Board

MMJ Special Section Call for Papers

“Marketing During Uncertain Times:  How do Disruptive Events affect Marketing Management”

Submission Deadline August 31, 2022

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MMJ Special Section Call for Papers

“Digital Technology’s Influence on Marketing Management”

Submission Deadline December 31, 2022

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Subscription Information

Subscriptions for MMJ can be made via EBSCO by calling 800-633-6088.  The same phone number can be for subscription and mailing address updates.

Other inquiries such as requests for prior MMJ print volumes can be made to the MMA Executive Director at

Marketing Management Journal Editorial Team:

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