MMA Master Teacher Competition

This annual competition is now being held concurrently with the MMA Fall Educators Conference to recognize outstanding marketing educators of the year.  Based on the written submissions, the top three will become finalists and will be presented with the MMA Teaching Excellence Award at the conference.  Each of these three finalists will make a 15 minute presentation of their submission material to attendees and the judges.  One of these three finalists will be selected as the MMA Master Teacher recognized at the MMA Fall Educators Conference Awards Brunch.

The finalists will receive one free night at the conference hotel.  The winner will be selected from the three finalists with all three recognized for their achievement at the Awards Luncheon.  The winner will receive the 2018 MMA Master Teacher Award plaque and a $1,000 prize; the two runners up will each receive a $250 prize and are recognized with a Teaching Excellence plaque.

All submissions must be received by the end of Friday, May 25, 2018.

2018 MMA Master Teacher Competition:   Download PDF

Prior Winners of the Master Teacher Award

  • 2016:  David Raska, Northern Kentucky University
  • 2015:  Chun-Chen (Liz) Wang, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
  • 2014:  Brian Vander Schee, Aurora University
  • 2013:  Lyle R. Wetsch, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
  • 2012:  Michael Garver, Central Michigan University
  • 2011:  Theresa Clarke, James Madison University
  • 2010:  Molly Rapert, University of Arkansas
  • 2009:  William Rice, California State University – Fresno
  • 2008:  Ramon Avila, Ball State University
  • 2007:  Don Roy, Middle Tennessee State University
  • 2006:  Debbie McAlister, Texas State University
  • 2005:  Timothy Graeff, Middle Tennessee State University
  • 2004:  Jon Hawes, University of Akron (currently at Indiana State University)
  • 2003:  Steven Corbin, University of Northern Iowa