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Issue 1 Spring

The Use of Dominance Analysis to Identify Key Factors in Salespeople’s Affective Commitment Toward the Sales Manager and Organizational Commitment
Stacey Schetzsle, Ball State University
Tanya Drollinger, University of Lethbridge
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Investigating Connectedness to Brand Users:  How Important is Social Interaction?
William C. Martin, University of North Dakota
Joel E. Collier, Mississippi State University
Brian T. Engelland, Catholic University of America
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Vividness Effects on Value and Risk for Radical Innovations
Arjun Chaudhuri, Fairfield University
Camelia Micu, Fairfield University
Mousumi Bose, Fairfield University
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The Influence of Role Ambiguity and Goal Acceptance on Salesperson Performance and Commitment
Douglas Amyx, Louisiana Tech University
Dheeraj Sharma, Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad
Bruce L. Alford, Louisiana Tech University
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What Makes Social Shoppers Click?  The Role of Social Rewards in Social Shopping
Kesha K. Coker, Eastern Illinois University
Robert E. Boostrom, Jr., University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Suzanne A. Altobello, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
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A Multi-Dimensional Model of Perceived Risk in Spectator Sport
Michael S. Carroll, Troy University
Daniel P. Connaughton, University of Florida
John O. Spengler, University of Florida
Kevin K. Byon, University of Georgia
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Market Orientation in Small Businesses:  Creative or Lacking?
Monica Perry, University of Redlands
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Issue 2 Fall

Foreign Direct Investment Promotion:  Using Advertising to Change Attitudes and Behaviors
Rick T. Wilson, Texas  State University
Daniel W. Baack, University of Denver
Donald Baack, Pittsburg State University
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Gender and Mobile Access Methods Differences of Millennials in Social Media Evaluations and Usage:  An Empirical Test
Jeen-Su-Lim, The University of Toledo
Kee-Sook Lim, The University of Toledo
John H. Heinrichs, Wayne State University
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Investigating Form and Function Influences on Follower Products’ Performance
Sangwon Lee, Ball State University
Chad Milewicz, University of Southern Indiana
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The Effects of Self-Control Failures on Risky Credit Card Usage
Lucretia Limerick, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
James W. Peltier, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
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Linking Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Processes to Sales Performance:  The Role of CRM Technology Effectiveness
Vijaykumar Krishnan, Northern Illinois University
Mark D. Groza, Northern Illinois University
Mya Pronschinske Groza, Northern Illinois University
Robert M. Peterson, Northern Illinois University
Elisa Fredericks, Northern Illinois University
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The Inspired Salesperson:  Linking Spirituality to Performancem\
J. Garry Smith, University of Houston-Downtown
Charles M. Futrell, Texas A&M University
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The Duality of E-monitoring:  Harmful or Helpful?
Susan K. Delvecchio, East Carolina University
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