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Issue 1 Spring

The Role of Self-efficacy, Response Efficacy and Nutrition Knowledge in Consumers’ Utilization of Nutrition Labels
Khaled Aboulnasr, Florida Gulf Coast University
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The Impact of an Environmentally Friendly Advertising Claim on Purchase Intention
William T. Neese, Nicholls State University
Monica J. Favia, Bloomsburg University
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The Changing Cuban Paradigm:  Creating Alliances in Global Supply Chains
Linda C. Ueltschy, Florida Gulf Coast University
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The Salesperson’s Ability to Bounce Back:  Examining the Moderating Role of Resiliency on Forms of Intra-Role Job Conflict and Job Attitudes, Behaviors, and Performance
Michael T. Krush, North Dakota State University
Raj Agnihorti, Ohio University
Kevin J. Trainor, Northern Arizona University
Sukumarakurup Krishnakumar, North Dakota State University
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The Impact of Status Consumption on Shopping Styles:  An Exploratory Look at the Millennial Generation
Jacqueline K. Eastman, Georgia Southern University
Rajesh Iyer, Bradley University
Stephanie P. Thomas, Texas Tech University
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Hold the Phone! – Can Customer Role Conflict Compromise a Service Encounter?
Rachelle J. Shannahan, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Kirby K. J. Shannahan, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Richard A. Rocco, DePaul University
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Do Advertising Efficiency and Brand Reputation Matter:  Evidence from Super Bowl Advertising
Jin-Woo Kim, Georgia Southern University
Traci H. Freling, The University of Texas at Arlington
Jacqueline K. Eastman, Georgia Southern University
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The Impact of Sales Manager Characteristics on Salesperson’s Trust and Commitment to the Relationship
Stacey Schelzsle, Ball State University
Duleep Delpechitre, University of Louisiana Lafayette
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Issue 2 Fall

An Exploratory Study of the Role of Neutraliation on Ethical Intentions Among Salespeople
Michael L. Mallin, The University of Toledo
Laura Serviere-Munoz, University of Dallas
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The Antecedents of Satisfaction for Facebook “Likers” and Their Effect on Word-of-Mouth
Matthew P. Bunker, University of Northern Iowa
K. N. Rajendran, University of Northern Iowa
Steven B. Corbin, University of Northern Iowa
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Organizational Structure and Intra-Firm Innovation Diffusion
Richard L. Flight, Eastern Illinois University
Richard J. Palmer, Southeast Missouri State University
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The Impact of Visual Structure Complexity on Ad Liking, Elaboration and Comprehension
Vivek Madupu, Missouri Western State University
Sanipan Sen, Southeast State University
Sampath Ranganathan, University of Wisconsin – Green Bay
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Substitute or Complement?  Fantasy Football and NFL Fandom
Brendan Dwyer, Virginia Commonwealth University
Joris Drayer, Temple University
Greg Greenhalgh, Virginia Commonwealth University
Carrie W. Lecrom, Virginia Commonwealth University
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The Moderating Role of Attitude in Consumers’ Service Assessments
Brian L. Bourdeau, Auburn University
Michael K. Brady, Florida State University
J. Joseph Cronin, Jr., Florida State University
Astrid K. Keel, Auburn University
Clay M. Voorhees, Michigan State University
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Current Perceptions, Prominence and Prevalence of Sustainability in the Marketing Curriculum
Debbie Delong, Chatham University
Maggie McDermontt, University of Wisconsin – LcCrosse
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Searching for the Origins of Consumer Ethics:  Bridging the Gap Between Intuitive Values and Consumer Ethical Judgements
John Cherry, Southeast Missouri State University
James Caldwell, Southeast Missouri State University
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Consumers’ Awareness of Sustainable Fashion
Dong Shen, California State University, Sacramento
Joseph Richards, California State University, Sacramento
Feng Liu, California State University, Sacramento
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