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Issue 1 Spring

Exploring the Use of Business Social Networking Tools in Sales:  Current Perceptions and Future Expectations
Scott A. Inks, Ball State University
Stacey Schetzsle, Ball State University
Ramon A Avila, Ball State University
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Environmental Dynamics and First-Mover Advantages in Emerging Markets
Peter Magnusson, Northern Illinois University
Stanford A. Westjohn, The University of Toledo
Geoffrey L. Gordon, Northern Illinois University
Timothy W. Aurand, Northern Illinois University
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Gilding the Lie:  Development of the Attitude Learning Theory Using Information Processing Theory and Fishbein’s Attitude Toward the Object to Capitalize on False, Negative Rumors
Carolyn Holton, Southeastern University
Diane R. Edmondson, Middle Tennessee State University
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What Tattoos Tell Customers About Salespeople:  The Role of Gender Norms
Aaron D. Arndt, Old Dominion University
Myron Glassman, Old Dominion University
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Trust Re-Defined in a Regional Context
Susan M Caple, University of La Verne
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The Relationship Between Cognitive Age and Status Consumption:  An Exploratory Look
Jacqueline K. Eastman, Georgia Southern University
Rajesh Iyer, Bradley University
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An Investigation of Market Orientation’s and Selected Personality Traits’ Relationship with Dimensions of Customer Orientation in Salespersons
J. Garry Smith, Tarleton State University
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Organization’s Use of LinkedIn:  An Analysis of Nonprofits, Large Corporations, and Small Businesses
Lisa Witzig, Averett University
Joe Spencer, Anderson University
Marin Galvin, Pennsylvania State University
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The Digital Market-Sphere (DMS):  Modelling  Virtual Transactions and Transvectons
E. Vincent Carter, California State University, Bakersfield
Ravi Parameswaran, Oakland University
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Issue 2 Fall

Purchase Professionals’ Cynicism about Cooperating with Suppliers:  Does it Impact Top Management Efforts to Induce Relational Behaviors in Buyer-Supplier Relationships?
Prabakhar Kothandaraman, William Patterson University
Raj Agnihotri, Ohio University
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Consumer Values and the Tendency to Use the Brand Name in Purchasing Decisions:  A Comparison Between Spain and Russia
Francisco Jose Sarabia-Sanchez, Miguel Hernandez University (Spain)
Liudmila Ivanovna Ostrovskaya, Miguel Hernandez University (Spain)
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A Generational Comparison of Economic-Based and War-Based Consumer Animosity:  The Cases of U.S. Consumer Animosity Towards China and Vietnam
Joseph P. Little, Grand Valley State University
K. Chris Cox, Indiana University Southeast
Eldon L. Little, indiana University Southeast
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Consumers’ Use of Blogs as Product Information Sources:  From Need-for-Cognition Perspective
Mariko Morimoto, Sophio University
Carrie S. Trimble, Milikin University
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Improving Sales Performance with Self-Directed Learning
Stefanie L. Boyer, Bryant University
Andrew B. Artis, University of South Florida
Paul J. Solomon, University of South Florida
David E. Fleming, Eastern Illinois University
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An Exploratory Study of Social Media in Business-To-Busienss Selling:  Salesperson Characteristics, Activities and Performance
Roberta J. Schultz, Western Michigan University
Charles H. Schwepker, University of Central Missouri
David J. Good, Grand Valley State University
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Multivariate Time Series Use for the Measurement of Social Media Effects
Gary B. Wilcox, The University of Texas at Austin
Kyungok Kacy Kim, The University of Texas at Austin
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Digital and Social Media Marketing Usage in B2B Industrial Section
Joel Jarvinen, Jyaskyla University
Aarne Tollinen, Jyvaskyla University
Keikki Karjaluoto, Jyvaskyla University
Chanaka Jayawardhena, Hull University
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Social Media and the Sales Force:  The Importance of Intra-Organizational Cooperation and Training on Performance
Mark D. Groza, Northern Illinois University
Robert M. Peterson, Northern Illinois University
Ursula Y. Sullivan, Northern Illinois University
Vijaykumar Krishnan, Northern Illinois University
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Self-Perceived Brand Relevance of and Satisfaction With Social Media
Kimberly Judson, Illinois State University
P. Raj Devasagayam, Siena College
Cheryl L. Buff, Siena College
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