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Issue 1 Spring

Customer Response Models:  What Data Predicts Best, Hard or Soft?
William J. Hauser, The University of Akron
Linda Orr, The University of Akron
Terry Daugherty, The University of Akron
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Consumer Sophistication:  The Development of a Scale Measuring a Neglected Concept
Bob Wu, Bowling Green State University
Philip Titus, Bowling Green State University
Stephen J. Newell, Western Michigan University
Susan Petroshius, Bowling Green State University
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Assessing the Impact of Acquiescence Response Bias on Marketing Data
William C. Martin, University of North America
Brian T. Engelland, The Catholic University of America
Joel E. Collier, Mississippi State University
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Gender as a Moderator of Role Model Influence and Adolescents’ Consumer-Related Behavioural Intentions
Kirby L.J. Shannahan, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Rachelle J. Shannahan, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Alan J. Bush, University of Memphis
Richard A. Rocco, DePaul University
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CRM and Sales Pipeline Management:  Empirical Results for Managing Opportunities
Robert M. Peterson, Northern Illinois University
Michael Rodriguez, Elon University
Vijaykumar Krishnan, Northern Illinois University
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Market Mavens’ Motivations To Acquire Information
Julie Fitzmaurice, Merrimack College
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Product Expertise:  A Moderator of Information Search in Sequential Choice
Peter J. Boyle, Central Washington University
Gad Saad, Concordia University
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Dimensions of Trust and Trustworthiness in Retail Banking:  Evidence from India
Sanjit Kumar Roy, ICFAI University
Abdolreza Eshghi, Bentley University
Vaibhav Shekhar, IBS Hyderabad
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A Framework for Identifying Factors That Influence Fine Art Valuations from Artist to Consumers
Kimball P. Marshall, Alcorn State University
PJ Forrest, Bowling Alcorn State University
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Global Product Strategy:  A Longitudinal Multi-Country Product Attribute Study
Bruce D. Keillor, Youngstown State University
James Kohut, Youngstown State University
Donna M. Walsh, Youngstown State University
Douglas Hausknecht, The University of Akron
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Dissimilar New Product Pace:  Product Contingency Effects
Bing Xu, California State University – Dominiquez Hills
Robert T. Peterson, New Mexico State University
Gerald M. Hampton, New Mexico University
Yam B. Limbu, Montclair State University
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Cognitive Load and Syntactic Complexity of Printed Advertisements:  Effects on Consumers’ Attitudes
Haeran Jae, Virginia Commonwealth University
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Train Your Salespeople to be Skilled Actors:  A Mantra for Success
Shaheen Borna, Ball State University
Dheeraj Sharma, Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad, India
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The Consequences of Open Versus Closed Influence Strategies of Salespeople in a Developing Economy
Subhra Chakrabarty, Mississippi State University
Gene Brown, University of Missouri – Kansas City
Robert E. Widing II, Macquarie University
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Sociological Factors Influencing High-Risk Physical Activities Among Adults:  A Conceptual Analysis
Karin Braunsberger, University of South Florida St. Petersburg
Philip J. Trocchia, University of South Florida St. Petersburg
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The Effect of Self-Construals on the Effectiveness of Comparative Advertising
Lin Zhang, Truman State University
Melissa Moore, Mississippi State University
Robert Moore, Mississippi State University
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Beyond Satisfaction:  Engaging Students and Faculty in a Romanian Business School
Sebastian A. Vaduva, Emanuel University of Oradea
Ioan S. Fotea, Emanuel University of Oradea
Mihai Corcea, Emanuel University of Oradea
Mariana Lazar, Emanuel University of Oradea
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Cultural Diversity as an Element of the University Campus Environment:  Does it Matter to Today’s Students?
Joann Asquith, St. Cloud State University
Dennis Bristow, St. Cloud State University
Kenneth Schneider, St. Cloud State University
Afsaneh Nahavandi, Arizona State University
Douglas Amyx, Lousiana Tech University
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Managing Academic Advising Services Quality:  Understanding and Meeting Needs and Expectations of Different Student Segments
Junyong Kim, Purdue University Calumet
Lori Feldman, Purdue University Calumet
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Issue 2 Fall

Ethnic Identity:  Understanding Cultural Differences Within a Culture
Claudia C. Mich, Purdue University Calumet
Bruce D. Keillor, Youngstown State University
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Targeting the Growing Hispanic Market:  Ethnicity and Media Preferences
Linda C. Ueltschy, Bowling Green State University
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Assessing the Role of Intrapersonal Agents in Consumer Decisions
Matthew C. Stark, Siena College
Raj Devasagayam, Siena College
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Do Green Lifestyle Consumers Appreciate Low Involvement Green Products?
Bela Florenthal, William Paterson University
Priscilla A. Arling, Butler University
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Supply Chain Alliances:  Exploring the Drivers of Performance Value and Buyer Satisfaction
Ursula Y. Sullivan, Northern Illinois University
Timothy W. Aurand, Northern Illinois University
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Uncorking the Mystery of Marketing Wine to Generation Y:  Lessons from Consumer Psychology
Pamela A Kennett-Hensel, University of New Orleans
Concha R. Neeley, Central Michigan University
Kyeong Sam Min, University of New Orleans
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Marketing Creativity:  The Influence of Personal and Proximal Work Factors on Creative Activity
J. Daniel Wadden, St. Mary’s University
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The Impact of Visual Strategy and Race and Gender Congruency on Source Credibility of Print Advertisements
Sarah M. Stanley, Missouri University of Science & Technology
Kenneth Clow, University of Louisiana Monroe
Karen E. James, Lousiana State University Shreveport
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Relationship Selling:  A Superior Way of Conducting Business on B2B Market.  An Empirical Analysis of an International Fast Trasnportation Services Provider on the Romanian Market
Nicolae Al Pop, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest
Florin Mihoc, Emanuel University of Oradea
Ioan S. Fortea, Emanuel University of Oradea
Mariana Lazar, Emanuel University of Oradea
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Negotiation Preparation Differences in Selling Situations:  Collaborative Versus Competitive Expectations
Robert M. Peterson, Northern Illinois University
C. David Shepherd, Georgia Southern University
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The Type A Behavior Pattern and Sales Performance:  A Theoretical Clarification
Kenneth R. Bartkus, Utah State University
Roy D. Howell, Texas Tech University
N. Daren Haws, MonaView, Inc
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Online Media in Fast-Growing Companies:  Adoption, Usage and Relation to Revenues
Jose-Domingo Mora, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Nora Ganim Barnes, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
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Differentiating A Component Part:  A Tactic for Gaining Entry into Mature Industrial Markets
Henry H. Rodkin, DePaul University
Robert D. O’Keefe, DePaul University
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Recent Trends in Exporting Promotions in the United States
Nicholas C. Williamson, University of North Carolina at Greenboro
Nir B. Kshetri, University of North Carolina at Greenboro
Timothy J. Wilkinson, Montana State University Billings
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