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Issue 1 Spring

An Empirical Study of Launch Order Valuation Based Upon Stock Market Reaction
Michael Poletti, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Howard Ling, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Brian Engelland, Mississippi State University
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Gender Differences on the “Width” Dimension of Category Structure:  A Case of Brand Typicality
Theresa A. Wajda, Slippery Rock University
Michael Y. Hu, Kent State University
Anne Peng Cui, West Virginia University
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Branding in the Global Arena:  The Role of Culture
Dale Krueger, Missouri Western State University
Shiva Nandan, Missouri Western State University
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Managing Appreciating and Depreciating Customer Assets
Daniel L. Sherrell, University of Memphis
Joel E. Collier, Mississippi State University
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Retail Store Image:  Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications, and Job Discrimination:  Establishing the Essence of the Business for Retail Organizations
Shaheen Borna, Ball State University
James M. Stearns, Miami University
Brien N. Smith, Ball State University
Kian Emamalizadeh, Mannheim University
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Dogmatism and Online Consumption:  Examining the Moderating Role of Trust and Value of Exchange Outcome
Dheeraj Sharma, Athabasca University
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A Comparison of the Ethical Perceptions of Prospective Personal Selling and Advertising Employees
Melissa Burnett, Missouri State University
Charles Pettijohn, Missouri State University
Nancy Keith, Missouri State University
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Consumer Self-Confidence and Patronage Intensity Heuristics In Shopping Focused Word of Mouth Communication
Terrence J. Paridon, Cameron University
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The Student Orientation of a College of Business:  An Empirical Look from the Students’ Perspective
Michael Pesch Saint Cloud State University
Robert Calhoun, Saint Cloud State University
Kenneth Schneider, Saint Cloud State University
Dennis Bristow, Saint Cloud State University
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Marketing Implications of Locus of Control Orientation Among College Students:  Comparison of Hispanic and Anglo Students in the United States
Russell Adams, The University of Texas at Brownsville
Morris Kalliny, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Gilberto De Los Santos, The University of Texas – Pan American
Yong Jian Wang, Ohio University
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Perceived Image of India by U.S. Business Travellers
Tsu-Hong Yen, San Jose State University
Gonzaga De Gama, San Jose State University
Subha Rajamohan, San Jose State University
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Issue 2 Fall

A Re-Inquiry of Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions:  A Call for 21st Century Cross Cultural Research
Linda M. Orr, The University of Akron
William J. Hauser, The University of Akron
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Technology Readiness and the Likelihood to Use Self-Service Technology:  Chinese Vs. American Consumers
Kevin M. Elliott, Minnesota State University
Mark C. Hall, Minnesota State University
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Understanding B2C Brand Alliances Between Manufacturers and Suppliers
Sunil Erevelles, The University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Veronica Horton, The Management Mind Group
Nobuyuki Fukawa, Louisiana State University
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Consumer Acceptance of Technology Products:  The Impact of Tactical Selling Approaches
Michael T. Elliott, University of Missouri – St. Louis
Frank Q. Fu, University of Missouri – St. Louis
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Intraorganizational Knowledge Sharing Among Key Account Salespeople:  The Impact of Buyer Satisfaction
Michelle D. Steward, Wake Forest University
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The Impact of Governance on the Development of Trust in Buyer-Seller Relationships
Edward O’Donnell, Columbus State University
Michael L. Mallis, University of Toledo
Michael Y. Hu, Kent State University
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Predictive Validity of a Behavioral Interview Technique
Gary C. Oliphant, Stetson University
Katharine Hanson, Quintessential Careers
Becky J. Oliphant, Stetson University
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The Impact of Cognitive Age on Seniors’ Lifestyle
Rajesh Iyer, Bradley University
Timothy H. Reisenwitz, Valdosa State University
Jacqueline K. Eastman, Georgia Southern University
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Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction:  An Empirical Investigation in India Mobile Telecommunications Services
Abdolreza Eshghi, Bentley University
Sanjit Kumar Roy, Bentley University
Shirshendu Ganguli, ICFAI University – India
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An Examination of the Validity of the Downs and Hazen Communication Satisfaction Questionnaire
Jim Deconinck, Western Carolina University
Julie Johnson, Western Carolina University
James Busbin, Western Carolina University
Frank Lockwood, Western Carolina University
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Enhancing Stimulus Integration in a Consumer Information Processing System:  A Theoretical Foundation
Brad D. Carlson, Saint Louis University
Margaret A. White, Oklahoma State University – Tulsa
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Does Source Credibility Affect How Credit Cards are Marketed to College Students?
Kenneth E. Clow, University of Louisiana Monroe
Karen E. James, Louisiana State University in Shreveport
Sarah Stanley, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
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The Influence of Kelo V. City of London, Connecticut on the Use of Eminent Domain in Place Marketing and Economic Development
Geoffrey T. Stewart, The University of Louisiana
Jerilyn Bowie-Hill, The University of Louisiana
Anne K. Keaty, The University of Louisiana
Rajesh Srivastava, Middle Tennessee State University
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