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Issue 1 Spring

Are Trusted Brands Important?
Sharmila C. Chatterjee, Golden Gate University
Arjun Chaudhuri, Fairfield University
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Impact of Fear Appeals in a Cross-Cultural Context
Anne-Marie Vincent, Center for Public Opinion Research, Inc.
Alan J. Dubinsky, School of Consumer and Family Sciences
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An Examination of the Visual Elements of Service Advertising
Kenneth E. Clow, University of Louisiana at Monroe
Christine T. Berry, University of Louisiana at Monroe 
Kristine E. Kranenburg, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Karen E. James, Louisiana State University at Shreveport
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The Impact of Technology on Promotional Practices and Decision Making:  A Look at the Agricultural Industry
Gwen Achenreiner, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse
Candice Dylhoff, Schweser Study Program
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The Carry-Over Effects of a Physical Store’s Image on Its ECommerce Distribution Channel
Robert S. Moore, Mississippi State University
Brian R. Kinard, Mississippi State University
Melissa L. Moore, Mississippi State University
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Marketing Opportunities at the Intersection of Formal and Informal Economies
Linda C. Ueltschy, Bowling Green State University
Alberto Castillo, Bowling Green State University
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Moving Toward Action:  How Consumers Think About a New Behavior
Julie Fitzmaurice, Merrimack College
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Nature vs. Nurture:  The Role of Family in Compulsive Buying
Carol F. Gwin, Baylor University
James A. Roberts, Baylor University
Carlos Ruy Martinez, ITESM, Monterrey Campus, Mexico
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The Ethical Perceptions of Salespeople and Sales Managers Concerning the Use of GPS Tracking Systems to Monitor Salesperson Activity
Scott A. Inks, Ball State University
Terry W. Loe, Kennesaw State University
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The Impact of Relationship-Specific Adaptations and Information Exchange on Sales Agents’ Role Salience
Rajesh Gulati, St. Cloud State University
Dennis Bristow, St. Cloud State University
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A Comparison of Perceived Value Between a Percentage Markdown and a Monetary Markdown
James R. Lowry, Ball State University
Thomas A. Charles, Ball State University
Judy A. Lane, Ball State University
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Mode and Visualization Effects in Online Marketing Research 
Paul McDevitt, The University of Illinois at Springfield
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The Merging of Marketing and Sports:  A Case Study
Allen Marber, Fordham University
Paul Wellen, Roosevelt University
Susan Posluszny, Fordham University
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The Perfect Storm for Disruptive Technologies
Eileen D. Weisenback Keller, Kent State University
William L. Shanklin, University of Akron
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