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Issue 1: Spring

Redefining the Sales Call: The Buyer's Perspective 

M. Judith Billups, Salisbury University

Joe Hair, University of South Alabama

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Resale Stores in the United States: Do They Communicate an Earth-Friendly Message? 

Sharon Parsons, Grand Canyon University

Robert Douglas, Southern University 

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What Puts the Binge in Binge-Watching? Planned versus Unplanned Multi-Episode Viewing

Amita Bhaduaria, Purdue University Northwest

James A. Muncy, Bradley University

Rajesh Iyer, Bradley University
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Issue 2: Fall

The New Math in B2B Online Review: When are Negatively-Rated Suppliers of Interest?

Michelle D. Steward, Wake Forest University

James A. Narus, Wake Forest University

Michelle L. Roehm, Wake Forest University

 Kenneth C. Herbst, Wake Forest University

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The Effect of Forgiveness on Salesperson Attitudes and Outcomes: A Conceptual Framework

J. Garry Smith, University of North Texas

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Christmas in September: Christian Consumer Perceptions of Retailer Early Presentation of Holiday Seasonality

Valerie A. Taylor, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Stephanie T. Gillison, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

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