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Issue 1

Addressing Academic Dishonesty:  The Implications for Business Schools, Professors, and Students
Jacqueline K. Eastman, Rajesh Iyer, Kevin L. Eastman
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Marketing a Department:  One Chair’s Experience in Curriculum Revision
Chong “Joanna” S.K. Lee
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Ethics Education in Marketing:  Are Stakeholders’ Interests Over-Shadowing Shareholders
Philip R.P. Coelho and James E. McClure
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Are Female Marketing Students Always More Ethical Than Male Marketing Students?
Janice M. Payan and Vish Iyer
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A Content Analysis on the Role of Ethics in the Business Curriculum
George W. Stone, Mathew Joseph, Lonnie Phelps and Ashley Berken
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Addressing Current Research Gaps and Directions in Educational Marketing Simulations
Bradley W. Brooks, Timothy E. Burson and David V. Rudd
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