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Issue 1

Marketing Scholarship:  Evolving Research Standards
Karl A. Boedecker and Fred W. Morgan
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An Experiential Model for Teaching Intercultural Competencies:  Integrating Federal Information Resources into Marketing Courses
Ruth Arleen Lesher Taylor
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Videotaped Role Play Exercises in Large Sales Management Classes
Robert E. McDonald
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A Survey of Student Attitudes Toward Distance Learning in Marketing Courses
James P. Beaghan
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Textbook Adoption Process by Marketing Professors
Kenneth E. Clow, Robert E. Stevens and C. William McConkey
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Training Students to Gather Data:  The Student Perspective
Penny M. Simpson, Jesus Tanguma and Laura Serviere
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Great Marketers as Role Models:  The Key Characteristics Students Can Emulate
Brian T. Engelland, Jason E. Lueg and Stevie Watson
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The Undergraduate Capstone Marketing Course:  Objectives, Content, and Pedagogy
Victoria L. Crittenden and William F. Crittenden
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