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Issue 1

Experiential Marketing Projects:  Student Perceptions of Live Case and Simulation Methods
Jill K. Maher and Renee Shaw Hughner
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Do Student Grades Affect Student Numeric Ratings of Marketing Professors?  Applying Attribution Theory to Help Answer This Question
Jerry Gotlieb and Ron Milliman
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The Successful Preparation and Development of Future Marketing Professionals:  A Recommended Methodological Framework
Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, Rebekah Bennett and Susan Dann
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Anthropological Approach to Consumer Behavior:  A Marketing Education Case of Teaching and Learning
Robert Tian
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A Comparison of Professor and Student Viewpoints Regarding Attendance and Excused Absences
Nancy K. Keith, Melissa S. Burnett, Charles E. Pettijohn and Peggy S. Gilbert
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