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Issue 1

Creating the Comprehensive Direct Interactive Marketing Program
William J. Hauser and Dale M. Lewison
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Performance on the Final Exam in the Principles of Marketing Course:  Relationships with Self-Handicapping
David J. Burns
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Bridging the Gap:  A Business Start-Up Experience
Leisa L. Marshall, L. Wayne Plumly, Rajesh Iyer and Paul A. Fadil
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Activity-Based Costing and the MBA Core Marketing Administration Course:  A Cross-Disciplinary Case Approach
Lawrence Silver and C. Terry Grant
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Competitive Learning:  Beyond Project Based Classes
Mary Ann Stutts and Vicki West
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Personal Epistemological Beliefs and Their Relationship to Learning
Mark R. Young
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Married with the Same Job
Charles E. Pettijohn and Linda S. Pettijohn
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