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Issue 1

Attitudes About Work Practices, Time Allocations, and Publication Output:  Profiles of Australasian Marketing Academics
Biljana Juric, Michael Jay Polonsky and Gary Mankelow
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Managing Student Satisfaction with Non-Business Curriculum Alternatives:  An Analysis of Student Perceptions with Strategic Implications
Nancy D. Albers-Miller, Penelope J. Prenshaw and Robert D. Straughan
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Creative Benchmarking in Marketing Education:  Comparing Best Practices Among Divergent Universities
Keikki Karjaluoto, Soili Niinikoski, Asko Karjalainen and Kimmo Kuortti
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Charitable, Non-Profit, and Profit Making Organizations:  Student and Community Benefits in a Resource Constrained Environment
Debra A. Haley
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Making Effective Use of Student Evaluations to Improve Teaching Performance
Brian T. Engelland
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Teaching is Not Telling:  The Case Method as a Form of Interactive Learning
Jon M. Hawes
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Your Teaching Reputation:  A Little Bit of “Vegas” Goes a Long Way! (Part 2)
Melissa Moore and Robert Moore
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