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Issue 1

Marketing Education:  Perspectives of Highly Involved E-Business Practitioners
JoAnn K. Linrud and J. Holton Wilson
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An Examination of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivational Factors That Affect Research Productivity of Marketing Academicians
David L. Kurtz, Jeremy Kees and Travis Tokar
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ACT/SAT Scores and Academic Performance of Business Students:  Are Marketing Majors Different?
Preveen Aggarwal, Rajiv Vaidyanathan and Linda Rochford
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Your Teaching Reputation:  A Little Bit of “Vegas” Goes a Long Way!
Melissa Moore and Robert Moore
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Internet Utilization in the Marketing Strategy Class:  Using Best Practices Websites
Marcelo Eduardo, J. Bryan Hayes, Rice P. York, Sharon Seay
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Cublo:  A Measure for Core Universal Business Learning Outcomes
Christopher D. Hopkins and Charles R. Duke
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What to Consider Before Developing a Specialization (Track, Emphasis, or Center):  Personal Selling as a Template
Dan C. Weilbaker
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