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Issue 1

Exam Question Sequencing Effects of Marketing and Management Science Student Performance
Michael Russell, Michael J. Fischer, Carol M. Fischer and Kathleen Premo
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Using the Importance-Performance Grid to Evaluate International Student Perceptions of Service Quality in Education:  An Investigation from an Australian College Perspective
Matthew Joseph, George Stone and Beatriz Joseph
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Inter-Group Communication Among Cross-Disciplinary Student Teams:  An Exploratory Study of Process and Effects
Kenneth Laird, Melvin Prince and Mark T. Spence
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A Futuristics Course:  Towards Instilling a Future-Orientation in Marketing Students
Allen D. Schaefer and Denny McCorkle
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Exemplum Docent:  Maximizing Student Learning By Involving Students and Technology in the Assessment and Feedback Process
Lori S. Feldman
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Three Personal Development Student Learning Activities:  Separate But Conceptually Linked
Steven B. Corbin
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Selecting the Right School for Doctoral Study:  A Five-Step Decision Process
Brian T. Engelland, and Collin M. Zirkle
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