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Issue 1 Spring

Exploring Sources of Marketing Knowledge for Small Business Decision Makers
Donald R. Bacon, University of Denver, & Abigail B. Schneider, Regis University
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Gamification Using a Choose-Your-Own Adventure Type Platform to Augment Learning and Facilitate Student Engagement in Marketing Education
Jennifer Bechkoff, San Jose State University
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Hidden Learning:  Measuring Student Learning in the Marketing Capstone
Chip E. Miller, Drake University, Andrew Bryant, Drake University & Andrew Norman, Drake University
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Examining International Students’ Expectations of Third-Party Community Engagement as a Value Co-Creation Mechanism
David Fleischman, University of the Sunshine Coast, Maria M. Raciti, University of the Sunshine Coast, & Meredith Lawley, University of the Sunshine Course
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Issue 2 Special Issue

Innovations in Digital Retailing – Special Issue Editors
Patrali Chatterjee, Montclair State University, & Archana Kumar, Montclair State University
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Establishing Knowledge and Cultivating Talent via. Experiential Learning:  The Case of the Fashion Retail Lab
Anna Cappuccitti, Seneca College, Frances Gunn, Ryerson University, & Seung Hwann (Mark) Lee, Ryerson University
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Retail Renaissance:  A Case Study of Retail Education Reimagined
Dee K. Knight, University of North Texas, Judith C. Forney, University of North Texas, & Linda Mihalick, University of North Texas
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Physical Store Development in the Era of Digitization – Experiential Learning in Collaboration with City Centre Management
Carin Rehncrona, Lund University, & Ola Thufvesson, Lund University
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Redesigning An Online Store User Interface:  A User-Centered Design Approach
Kiseol Yang, University of North Texas
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