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Issue 1 Spring

The Impact of Guided vs. Self-Directed Instruction on Students’ Information Literacy Skills
Christiane Schroeter,  California Polytechnic State University & Lindsay M. Higgins, California Polytechnic State University
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Advancing Scholarship:  Fostering the Motivation to Research in Future Marketing Scholars
Obinna Obilo, Central Michigan University, & Bruce Alford, Louisiana Tech University.
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Issue 2 Fall

Business Perspectives on Faculty Internships: Not Just for Students Anymore
Lori Lohman, Augsburg College, Elena Austin, Augsburg College, Bethany Borgen, Augsburg College, and Sarah Salo Wolff, Augsburg College.
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School Ties:  Social Capital and Student Performance in Individual and Group Tasks
Bryan R. Johnson, Creighton University, Matthew T. Seevers, Creighton University, and Todd C. Darnold, Creighton University.
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