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Issue 1 Spring

A Stakeholder Framework for Designing and Directing Effective Marketing Internships
Jeffrey Hoyle and Sean Goffnett
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The Benefits of Social Media in Marketing Education:  Evaluating Twitter as a Form of Cognitive Flexibility Hypertext
Shannon B. Rinaldo, Debra A. Laverie, Suzanne Tapp and William F. Humphrey, Jr.
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We All Think It’s Cheating, But We All Won’t Report It:  Insights Into the Ethics of Marketing Students
Brent Smith and Feng Shen
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Issue 2 Special Issue

A Pedagogy to Enhance the Value of Simulations in the Classroom
Ernest R. Cadotte and Christelle MacGuire
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What About Mutual Drop/Add?  Reactions to an Idea for Dealing with Problematic Student-Customers
Brent Smith
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Want to Enroll in a MOOC?  No Thanks, My Professors Have Their Own Videos
Enda McGovern and Arne Baruca
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