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Issue 1

Continuous Additive Peer Review:  A New System to Control Social Loafing in Group Projects
Amit Poddar
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Experiential Learning and Consumer Behaviour:  An Exercise in Consumer Decision Making
Susan D. Meyers
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M-B Indicator and Advertising Careers
Brian D. Till, Srdan Zdravkovic and Bob Morrison
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Identifying and Assessing Fundamental Competencies of Direct and Interactive Marketing
Debra L. Zahay, Carol Scovotti, Robert M. Peterson and Sandy Domagalski
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The Moderating Effect of Coping on Student Satisfaction with a Short Study Abroad Program
Donna J. Hill and Rajesh Iyer
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Epigrammatic Sales Scenarios and Evaluations:  Incorporating the Experiential Learning Approach to Research, Development, and Grading of Sales Presentations
Laura Serviere-Munoz
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