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Issue 1

Experimenting with Team Norms in a Marketing Simulation
Sandra Mottner
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A Recipe for Success:  How Crossfunctional Projects Motivate MBA Students, Bring the University and Local Community Closer, and Keep the AACSB Happy
Tanja Steigner, Kevin R. Coulson and Bhanu Balasubramnian
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An Exploratory Analysis of Sales Education Practices and Sales Skills, Attitudes, and Behaviours in MBA Programs:  The United States and The United Kingdom
Charles E. Pettijohn and Linda S. Pettijohn
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Student Course Perceptions:  A Perceived Each-of-Use – Perceived-Usefulness Framework
Somjit Barat, Rajasree K. Rajamma, Mohammad Ali Zolfagharian and Gopala Ganesh
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Deepening Multicultural Marketing Instruction:  The Universal and Temporal Dimensions of Ethnic Diversity
E. Vincent Carter
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Managing the Service Component in Academics:  Practical Advice for Scholars
Nancy D. Albers-Miller
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