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Issue 1

Using the Most Effective Teaching Methods:  a Comparison of Marketing and Management Classrooms
Gregory S. Black and Sue Stewart Wingfield
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Understanding the Priorities of Marketing Education Stakeholders:  A Critical Examination of How Well We Practice What We Teach
Bradley W. Brooks, David V. Rudd and Michael A. Tarabek
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Benchmarking Publishing Activity of U.S. Colleges and Universities Across the Leading Journals:  A Grouped Evaluation
Michael Jay Polonsky, John D. Mittelstaedt and Jesse N. Moore
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Exploring Marketing Students’ Perceptions of Pedagogical Innovations Using the Critical Incident Technique (CIT) Approach
Vishag Badrinarayanan and Sreedhar Madhavaram
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Using the Six Principles of Influence to Increase Student Involvement in Professional Organizations:  A Relationship Marketing Approach
W. Randy Clark and Katie J. Kemp
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A Practical and Effective Marketing Plan Assignment for Principles of Marketing Students
Douglas J. Lincoln and Nancy T. Frontczak
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Experiential Learning:  Impact of Two Instructional Methods on Student-Instructor Interaction, Student Critical Thinking, and Student Course Evaluations
Robert Wheeler
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Methods for Improving the Interpretative Value of Student Evaluations of Teaching
Robert D. O’Keefe, Lawrence O. Hamer and Philip R. Kemp
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