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Issue 1

E-Venture:  Setting up Shop Online:  Creating a Student E-Business Pre-Incubator Experience
Jeffrey C. Dilts, William J. Hauser, Dale Lewison and Michael LeHere
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Recreating the Principles of Marketing Group Project:  A Case Study in Service Learning
Joe Schwartz and Renee J. Fontenot
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What Are Students’ Perceptions of Personal Selling as a Career?
John E. Spillan, Jeffrey W. Totten and Christopher Ziemnowicz
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Teaching Professional Selling:  A Relationship Building Process
Philip R. Tyler and Neil Hair
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Subculture:  A Bargain Concept in Marketing Education
Shaheen Borna, James M. Stearns and Dheeraj Sharma
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Bridging the Chasm Between the Academic and Corporate Environment:  The Impact of Covey’s 8th Habit on Undergraduate Students in a Contemporary Issues Marketing Class
Debra A. Haley
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Proactive Inhibition to Learning Marketing:  An Assessment and a Remedy
Mary L. Joyce and Roy D. Adler
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Integrating Concepts Across Marketing Courses via Experiential Learning
Douglas J. Ayers and Robert L. Underwood
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