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Issue 1

PowerPoint and Other Publisher-Provided Supplemental Materials:  “Oh Lord, What Have We Done”?
Pamela A. Kennett-Hensel, Julie Z. Sneath and Milton M. Pressley
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Everything I Learned about Teaching I Learned from Bad Examples (OK, Not Everything)
Nancy D. Albers-Miller
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Virtual “Third Places” and Experiential Learning:  A Case Study of Blogging in a Marketing Promotions Course
Michael A. Levin and Donna F. Davis
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Illegal Questioning:  A Study of Marketing Student’s Recent Interview Experiences During Their Career Searches
Linda Greef Mullen, Ramendra Thakur and Kyle Hensel
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What is Referenced in Marketing Publications and Has It Changed over Time?
Michael Jay Polonsky and Clair Polonsky
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Personal Values of American and European Marketing Educators:  A Comparative Analysis
Murat Hakan Altintas, Fusun Cinar Altintas and Tuncer Tokol
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The Success of Marketing Doctoral Programs:  Inputs from Doctoral Students’ Evaluations
David Kurtz, My Bui and Andrea Heintz Tangari
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Lasting Effects of the First Day in Principles of Marketing
Brian A. Vander Schee
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