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Issue 1

Edutainment with Videos and Its Positive Effects on Long Term Memory
Erin M. Steffes and Philippe Duverger
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Expert-to-Matrix: Improved Learning and Improved Outcomes in Principles of Marketing
Renee J. Fontenot, Joe Schwartz, Douglas A. Goings and Judy J. Johnson
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Should Faculty Use Social Networks to Engage with Students?
Patricia Nemetz, Kirk Damon Aiken, Vance Cooney and Vincent Pascal
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Issue 2

Classroom Community, Pedagogical Effectiveness, and Learning Outcomes Associated with Twitter Use in Undergraduate Marketing Courses
Theresa B. Clarke and C. Leigh Nelson
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The Reliability of Crowdsource Grading in a Creative Marketing Project Context
Philippe Duverger and Erin M. Steffes
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Motivating Student Performance:  The Role of Accumulated Date in Grade Attainment
Cynthia Rodriguez Cano and Amit Poddar
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Issue 3

The Surprising Foil to Online Education:  Why Students Won’t Give Up Paper Textbooks
TJoanne McNeish, Mary Foster, Anthony Francescucci and Bettina West
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The Effect of Attributes of Study Abroad and Risk Aversion on the Future Likelihood to Study Abroad:  A Study of U.S. and Norwegian Undergraduate Marketing Students
Janice M. Payan, Göran Svensson and Nils M. Høgevold
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