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Issue 1 Spring

Editorial: Thoughts On Marketing Management Journal

Brian N. Rutherford Kennesaw State University

Segmenting The Market Of In-Store Decision Makers: Implications For Shopper Marketing 

Cathy J. Cobb-Walgren, Georgia State University

Naveen Donthu, Georgia State University

Bruce Pilling, Georgia State University

An Honest Discussion About Lies: How Components Of A Seller’s Lies Can Impact Customer Relationship Commitment 

Noelle Butski, University Of Arkansas Little Rock 

Robert E. Boostrom, Jr.University Of Wisconsin-Whitewater 

Ravon Bonds

Dare To Share? The Impacts Of Health Crises On Information Needs Of Users Evaluating Peer-To-Peer Services 

Debika Sihi, Southwestern University

Issue 2 Fall

Editorial: Thoughts On Marketing Management Journal

Brian N. Rutherford Kennesaw State University

What’s In It For Me? Perceived Value Of Marketing Activities As A Driver Of Consumer Engagement On Social Network Sites 

Dr. Mary Jane Gardner, Western Kentucky University

Dr. Joseph Hair, Jr., University Of South Alabama

Dr. Joanna Phillips Melancon, Western Kentucky University

Ad Affect Sensitivity: Influences On Consumers’ Affect Traces And Their Relationship With Retrospective Ad Evaluations

Dr. Jennifer Lee Burton, University Of Tampa 

Dr. Pranjal Gupta, University Of Tampa

Shared Autonomous Vehicle Taxi Services: Unpacking The Route To Consumer Adoption

Vijaykumar Krishnan, Northern Illinois University 

Ursula Y. Sullivan, Northern Illinois University 

Timothy W. Aurand, Northern Illinois University

Examining The Effectiveness Of Messaging During A Pandemic:Implications For Social Marketing

Elyria Kemp, University Of New Orleans 

Dong-Jun Min, University Of New Orleans 

Judith Anne Garretson Folse, University Of Arkansas

Disruptions In The Global Supply Chain Industry: Firm And Individual View Of Covid-19 Pandemic Versus The Financial Crisis Of 2008-2009

Ryan Matthews, Tennessee Tech University 

Kate Nicewicz, Western Kentucky University 

F. Stuart Wells Tennessee Tech University 

Edwin Baidoo Tennessee Tech University 

James Smith, Augusta University

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