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Issue 1: Spring


Reflections from an Award Winner:  Marketing and Marketing Education
Steven W. Hartley, University of Denver
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Sequential-Choice Random Allocation:  An Efficient Process for Matching Students to Mentorships, Job Shadowing and other Short-term Experiential Opportunities
Amit Poddar, Salisbury University

Aaron Johnson, Salisbury University

M. Judi Billups, Salisbury University
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Exploring the Effects on Students from Converting On-Campus Classes to Online due to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Anita Whiting, Clayton State University

Wendy Ritz, Florida State University

Joie S. Hain, Clayton State University
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Exploring a Problem-Based Learning Approach to Improve the Quantitative Skills of Marketing Undergraduates
Fernanda Muniz, California State University

Guanyu Geng, University of North Texas

Gopala “GG” Ganesh, University of North Texas
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Reflections from an Award Winner: Being a Holistic Academic
Victoria L. Crittenden, Babson College
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Issue 2: Special Issue


Positive Implications of Weekly Marketing Entrepreneur Pitch Competition Assignments
James Blair, Eastern Kentucky University
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It All Adds Up: Impact of the Flipped Classroom Approach related to Achievement, Student Satisfaction, Self-Efficacy, Anxiety, and Optimism in a Retail Math Course

Amy Dorie, San Francisco State University

David Loranger, Sacred Heart University

Jessica Hurst, Iowa State University 
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Evaluation of a Novel Simulated Consulting Project in an Undergraduate Marketing Course

Mary Beth Furst, University of Maryland

Roxanne Lefkoff, University of Maryland
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Preparing for the Next Normal: How University Sales Competitions and the Development of Students’ Sales-Relevant Skills Have Changed Through COVID-19

Vivien Unger, University of Applied Sciences Wiener

Ursula Haas-Kotzegger, University of Applied Sciences

Johannes Reiterer, University of Applied Sciences Wiener
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Enhancing First-Year Course Student Experience with Virtual Team Support from Senior Marketing Majors

Brian A. Vander Schee, Indiana University

Demetra Andrews, Indiana University

Tony Stovall, Indiana University
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Evaluation of a Novel Simulated Consulting Project in an Undergraduate Marketing Course

Mary Beth Furst

Roxanne Lefkoff

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