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Issue 1 Spring

Achieving PEAK POW:  The Effects of Four PowerPoint Techniques on Student Learning and Retention
Jane Lee Saber, Ryerson University
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Understanding Student Preferences:  Improving Outcomes in Computer Simulation Experiential Learning Activities
W. Keith Story, California State University – Fresno, Mariya A. Yukhymenko-Lescroart, California State University – Fresno, & George D. Deitz, The University of Memphis
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Gen Z’s Conception of Marketing
Scott R. Swanson, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, & J. Charlene Davis, Trinity University
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The Influence of Traditional and Modern Learning Spaces on Pedagogical Affect, Classroom Community, and Learning Outcomes for Marketing Students
Theresa B. Clarke, James Madison University, C. Leigh Nelson, James Madison University, & Scott R. Gallagher, James Madison University
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Issue 2 Fall

Reflections on the 2020 MMA Marketing Innovator Award
Mark B. Houston, Texas Christian University
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The Impact and Mediating Role of Personal Brand Authenticity on the Self-Actualization of University Graduates Entering the Workforce
Lee Allison, Eastern Kentucky University, James Blair, Eastern Kentucky University, Jin Ho Jung, Ohio Northern University & Philip J. Boutin Jr, Eastern Kentucky University
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The Challenge of Teaching Consumer Insights to Non-Marketing Students as a Minor in Undergraduate Studies:  Empathy Maps as a Didactic Resource
Beatriz Feijoo Fernández, Internațional University of La Rioja, & Adela López Martínez, University of La Rioja
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An Exploratory Study of Vicariously Embarrassing Classroom Incidents
Scott R. Swanson, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
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