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JAME publishes empirical manuscripts addressing issues in the broad area of marketing education. Areas of scholarship include but are not limited to the following: :

  • Pedagogy (e.g., instruction, delivery systems, and outcomes assessment)
  • Curriculum
  • Continuing Education
  • Governance and Accreditation
  • Career Development

Please submit your manuscripts as an e-mail Microsoft Word file attachment to the editor, Matt Elbeck, at jame@troy.edu. For Special Issue manuscripts please enter 'JAME Special Issue' in your e-mail subject line.

Submitted manuscripts must not exceed 20 pages double-spaced in Times New Roman 12pt including abstract, body, references, tables, figures, appendices, etc. Papers will be reviewed and feedback sent to the author(s) within four to eight weeks.

Each manuscript submission submitted as a Word file will include:

  1. First Page: Cover letter with the paper's title and the name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address of each author; together with the statement my/our original manuscript or a similar or exact copy entitled ------- has not been published and is not being considered for publication elsewhere. Note: If the author/s use their own previously published work(s) including conference proceedings or self-publication as a basis for the submission, they must cite the previous work(s) and briefly indicate how the submission offers substantial novel contributions beyond those of the previously published work(s). Manuscripts will be reviewed using a double-blind review process. Names of author(s) should appear only on the first page. Authors should not identify themselves or their institution elsewhere in the paper.
  2. Second Page: Title of Manuscript and Abstract (maximum 200 words). The Abstract must be presented as four separate paragraphs using the subheadings below.
    • Purpose of the Study. The motivation (reasons) for your paper or goals of the study.
    • Method/Design and Sample. Method/design of the study and information about the sample(s) used. Underlying theory/model supporting your approach.
    • Results. What was discovered?
    • Value to Marketing Educators. How will the study offer fellow educators added value to their instruction, scholarship, governance/service, and/or materially help with a successful reappointment, promotion and/or tenure (RPT).
    Please include up to five keywords describing the primary areas of your manuscript.
  3. Third Page onwards: Please use the latest edition of the APA manual of style for the remainder of the manuscript.

Manuscript Review Checklist:

  1. Is your submission likely to contribute to the marketing education literature (in the broadest sense to include pedagogy and/or professional development)?
  2. Does your submission include evidence to engender confidence in its replication and expected benefits?

Editorial Policy and Sponsorship:

Upon submission of your manuscript, we evaluate your manuscript on readability, fit with the journal's purpose, and whether it provides a significant original contribution to marketing education. When your manuscript passes this desk review, the Editor forwards the manuscript to the Associate Editor or Special Issues Editor who assigns two reviewers who evaluate the quality of the logic, methods, and evidence found in the manuscript. Finally, the Editor with the help of the Associate Editor or Special Issue Editor makes a decision on the manuscript. All reviews are double blind. Reviewers are encouraged to be constructive, fair, and timely, with the goal of identifying the best of these submissions for publication.

Upon acceptance for publication, the Editor reserves the right to request additional manuscript editing to include use of English. All articles are copyright 2012 Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education which is published by the Marketing Management Association.

For additional information, contact the JAME Editor: Matt Elbeck of Troy University - Dothan via email: jame@troy.edu