Publications of the Marketing Management Association

The MMA publishes two scholarly journals, the Marketing Insights newsletter, and proceedings for both the fall and spring conferences.An introduction to each publication is outlined below.

The Marketing Management Journal
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The mission of the Marketing Management Journal is to provide a forum for sharing academic, theoretical, and practical research that may impact the development of the marketing management discipline. Original research, replicated research, and integrative research activities are encouraged for review submissions. Manuscripts which focus upon empirical research, theory, methodology, and review of a broad range of marketing topics are strongly encouraged. Submissions are encouraged from both academic and practitioner communities.

Membership in the Marketing Management Association is required of the author/s of each manuscript accepted for publication. A page fee is charged to support the development and publication of Marketing Management Journal. Page fees are currently $15 per page of the final manuscript. Click on the above furnished link for information related to submission guidelines.

Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education (click for more information)

The Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education is a peer reviewed (double blind) academic journal whose sole purpose is to provide an information base that will aid marketing professors in building their careers. The Journal features articles on teaching, research and service as related to marketing professorial positions. Our audience is marketing faculty at institutions of higher education worldwide as well as graduate students who are considering embarking on an academic career. The Journal is available on line with one volume printed each year.

The Journal contains two sections. The first contains articles dealing with Educational Research such as pedagogy, curriculum, assessment, and teaching technology. The second section, Professional Development, consists of articles addressing situations of relevance to the marketing educator that go beyond educational research. Included in this section would be topics addressing issues such as: the development of a research program, issues involved in textbook writing, suggestions for dealing with reviewer comments, considerations in accepting administrative positions and involvement in professional organizations. The Co-editors welcomes articles on a variety of topics that would be of interest to the marketing educator. Click on the above furnished link for information related to submission guidelines.

Marketing Insights Newsletter (click for more information)

Published twice a year, Marketing Insights keeps MMA members up-to-date on organizational news, teaching and pedagogy issues, and scholarly academic research. The current issue and newsletter archives are available online by clicking the above furnished link.

Proceedings Archive (click for more information)

Recent proceedings from the Fall Educators' Conference are available online in PDF format from the link above. Spring conference proceedings are distributed to conference attendees only, and are not available online at this time.