How to Get Involved in the MMA

The MMA actively encourages member participation and contribution in the following areas:

Participation in the Spring Conference:

Please consider submitting a paper or special session proposal, or serving as a session chair, or track chair at an upcoming MMA conference.   We invite you to serve as a paper reviewer for the conference in the track of your choice.  Check out the “Conferences” section of our website for details related to the upcoming Spring Conference and for details on track chair contact information.  You can also contact a track chair to volunteer to serve as a session chair or discussant.

Participation in the Fall Educators’ Conference:

The focus of the Fall Educators’ Conference, usually held on a Wednesday through Friday in September, is on teaching effectiveness.  Participants are given the opportunity to submit a refereed paper for blind review.  Two-page position papers and panel session proposals are also encouraged.  We invite you to serve as a refereed paper reviewer or a session chair for the Fall Educators’ Conference.  Consider making a submission to the AxcessCapon Teaching Innovation Competition or Master Teacher Competition.  Pre-Conference Workshops are offered Wednesday for a more in-depth examination of teaching effectiveness in a variety of areas.  Doctoral students can also take advantage of the Outstanding Teacher-Scholar Doctoral Student Competition associated with the MMA Fall Educators’ Conference.

Submit an Article for Journal Consideration:

Members are encouraged to submit articles to the MMA’s scholarly publications.  The Marketing Management Journal (MMJ) and the Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education (JAME).  Check out the submission guidelines in the “Publications” portion of our website.

Join the Publication Council, Editorial Review Board, or Board of Directors:

Use the “Contact Us” link to offer your services to the current MMA President, the Board of Directors, or as a member of the Publication Council or Editorial Review Board!

Be Creative!

If you have an alternate idea on how you can serve the MMA, or any other suggestions for involving the membership, please contact the current MMA President, Executive Director, or any other MMA officer.  We’d love to hear from you!